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7 Tips You MUST KNOW Before You Renovate

7 Tips You MUST KNOW Before You Renovate

  • Home buyers
Sun, May 23, 2021 3:30PM - 4:30PM
  • Darren Ang Manager Design Consultant @ Starry Homestead

  • Connie Cook Constance Avril Senior Design Consultant @ Starry Homestead

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Ever wondered what the benefits of hiring an interior designer are?

What are some common questions you should ask before starting your renovation journey?

In this session, find out more about current home renovation trends, how to find a style that suits you, things to note in space planning and whether you should be concerned if COVID19 would affect your renovation plans.

Tune in to this webinar and stand a chance to win 2 x $100 cash prize during our lucky draw at the end!

About the Speakers

Darren Ang Wei Jie, Manager of Design Consultant

Darren is the Manager of Design Consultant, with 3 years of interior design experience, particularly in Scandinavian, Modern, Industrial Design concepts. Before recommending any design proposals, Darren first understands what homeowners want based on their lifestyle needs. He has appeared in TV shows like House Everything (2019), LIVE show with Wang Lei (Starry Anniversary 2020) and RHB Mortgage Webinar (2021).

Connie Cook Constance Avril, Senior of Design Consultant

Connie is a Senior Design Consultant at Starry Homestead. Connie's 2-year experience in the industry has seen her assisting homeowners with unique designs in Modern and Scandinavian housing concepts. Her interior designs are constantly evolving and adaptive to reflect timelessness. She is popular among her fans, having appeared in the LIVE show with Wang Lei (Starry Anniversary 2020).

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