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  • Investors
Sun, May 23, 2021 11:30AM - 12:30PM
  • 蔡奇合 Jack Chua CEO @ ERA 新加坡

  • 林永富 Lim Yong Hock KEO @ 博纳

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蔡奇合,ERA 新加坡,CEO

蔡奇合先生于1990年加入新加坡ERA,其后迅速成为行业变革的领导者,并于2013年8月被任命为ERA首席执行官. 在他富有远见的领导下,ERA成为新加坡最大的国际房地产经济公司,在亚洲10个国家拥有超过18000名备受信赖的房地产顾问.

近期令人瞩目的殊荣便是蔡总对公司管理的证明—ERA赢得了2021奢华生活方式奖颁发的“新加坡最佳豪华房地产经济公司”,也仍是唯一一家获得2019亚太地产奖颁发的“新加坡5星最佳房地产公司(独立办公室)”. 最近,亚洲读者文摘的一项独立调查显示,ERA以远超第二名的选票成绩,连续两年获新加坡最值得信赖品牌铂金奖.


拥有超过 25 年的房地产知识,林永富领导博纳的房地产代理业务并监督该机构的日常运营,包括管理和培训我们所有的房地产销售人员。

林永富 (富哥)是新加坡媒体经常被邀请作为房地产专家。过去10年,他不断地在大众媒体与公众分享房地产的见解和走势,也帮助他们解决房地产的疑问难题。

他曾参与媒体节目包括小房子,大问题,财经追击,早报所举办的理财有妙方,及许多电台广播如 100.3, 95.8 等

How to increase wealth through investment in real estate

In light of the global pandemic, are your current property investment strategies still holding up? Do you still hold on to your property? Or should you hold on to your cash?

No one can predict the future, but there are some basic fundamentals that you should know when you are investing in Singapore’s properties. Let our industry experts explain how they has managed to grow their property portfolio steadily over the past two decades and what you should do right now in the midst of the pandemic.

Tune in to this webinar and stand a chance to win 2 x $100 cash prize during our lucky draw at the end!

About the Speakers

Jack Chua, CEO, ERA Singapore

Jack first joined ERA Singapore in 1990 and quickly established himself as a transformational leader in the industry and was being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in August 2013. Under his visionary leadership, Jack helped solidify ERA as the largest international real estate agency in Singapore with over 18,000 real estate trusted advisers across 10 countries in Asia.

Recent remarkable accolades are testaments of Jack’s stewardship of the agency—ERA wins the Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Singapore by Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021; as well as remains the only agency to be bestowed the 5-Star Best Real Estate Agency (Single Office) in Singapore, awarded by Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019. Most recently, it also clinches the Platinum Status as the Singapore’s Most Trusted Brands for two years consecutively – an independent survey conducted by Asia Reader’s Digest – awarded to brands that vastly outpolled their nearest competitor.

Lim Yong Hock, KEO, PropNex

Yong Hock heads the real estate agency business and oversees the daily operations of the agency, including the management and training of PropNex's real estate salespersons. His track record is nothing short of stellar, having served the organisation for over 10 years in a multitude of positions. PropNex has blossomed under his leadership, achieving far better technological and service positions within the industry.

Yong Hock was instrumental in spearheading the formation of the Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX) consortium – which brought about the collaboration of 14 other major real estate agencies in Singapore in 2010, and helped to forge closer working relationships in the industry. Mr Lim is also an active participant in various Council of Estate Agencies (CEA) workgroups.

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